5 Easy Resolutions You Can Make About Shopping Local

This year, Nunavut businesses are going to rely on local support until borders can safely open again. Here are our 5 Easy Resolutions to disrupt your routine and make the goal of shopping local easier.

New Year’s Resolutions are often wrongly maligned as unachievable goals that we set at the beginning of the year but quickly forget about. Something like “Support Local Businesses” is difficult to remember in your day-to-day, and it doesn’t have specific actions that you can keep in mind. Resolutions that are simple and direct build momentum, making an important goal like “Support Local Businesses” easy and achievable. 

This year, Nunavut businesses are going to rely on local support until borders can safely open again. Here are our 5 Easy Resolutions to disrupt your routine and make the goal of shopping local easier.

1. See What’s In Stock

Local stores serve an important role in our communities, and local business owners know that the services they provide help bring products more directly into the community. Talking to local businesses about what sorts of goods you’d like to see more of is a great way to let them know how they can better serve your needs. Local businesses can direct you towards other local suppliers, or make serving your community in new ways a priority. 

2. Procure Locally

Making local businesses part of your new routine is not just a goal for consumers – business owners can do more to help other business owners. Supplying your business is something we often look to bigger international outlets for, but local business to business interactions keep that flow of capital within our local infrastructure. Local shipping, local marketing, local suppliers, local IT, local catering, local coffee in the office – all of these services are integral to running operations in the territory – large and small. Finding ways to keep your business’ procurement local can account for huge support to other local industries.

3. Go Out To Eat More Often 

How often are you going to see “go to restaurants” on a New Year’s Resolution list? But supporting local restaurants is just as beneficial to our communities as buying from local artists or suppliers. Food is such an important part of Nunavummiut culture, and often local shops find ways to reinvent classics that taste like home, and come from our land. Like all locally owned businesses, restaurants also give back to the community in the form of donations, food drives, or catering for events in the community. Going out for food more may not be something you can do everyday, but remembering the effects of choosing local shops can help be the deciding factor when you’re looking for a delicious meal cooked by talented local chefs.

4. Write a Review

Supporting local businesses can seem expensive when it focuses so much around spending money locally and directly strengthening the local economy. But there are ways to support and promote local businesses beyond buying their products and changing your spending habits. Online reviews are immensely valuable for small local businesses, from galleries to accommodations to restaurants. Reviews on social media sites like Facebook or TripAdvisor will help promote these businesses to travellers planning for the future, or even other Nunavummiut. A heartfelt positive review encourages other people to choose your favourite local shop for their gift, or stay in the accommodations you always recommend to travellers. Positive online reviews go a long way in promoting businesses, and they let owners know the community values their hard work.

5. Give Locally

Whether it’s a birthday, retirement party, or “just ‘cause” on your gift giving list, avoid the urge to go online for it. Browse shopnu.ca to get a better sense of what shops exist in perhaps a different Nunavut community, and get inspired by the products we have available within the territory. You never know what great gift is just around the corner.


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