5 Iconic Nunavut Gifts Your Southern Friends & Family Will Love

Not only are the holidays an opportunity to send friends or family a bit of “Northern Flare”, this year it’s also a great way to support local makers and business owners in your own community.

Holiday gift shopping has begun, and with travel restrictions preventing people from visiting family or traveling home, you might find yourself wanting to send a piece of Nunavut to friends or family in the south.

Not only are the holidays an opportunity to send friends or family a bit of “Northern Flare”, this year it’s also a great way to support local makers and business owners in your own community. So since you’re looking for a Northern gift, here’s our list of 5 iconically Nunavut gifts that your southern friends will love to receive!

A Pang Hat in Red & Green.

Pang Hat – $75

A gift for all types of cold weather, these Pang Hats are popular in Pangnirtung (where the name comes from) and can be seen all around the territory. A Pang Hat is perfect gift for a southern friend – these hats are handmade by Inuit women in Pangnirtung working from their homes, making this a unique and expertly crocheted gift in a wide variety of colours.

With options for ear flaps, the warm 100% Canadian worsted wool and double-brim makes these hats functional even in colder climates and a stunning fashion accessory as well. This gift goes far beyond the usual winter wear, and it’ll surely become an eye-popping staple for anyone who receives it.  

Traditional Snow Goggles from Rannva Designs

Snow Goggles from Rannva Designs – $85

Snow blindness is something many southerners experience, but simply don’t know how to deal with. If you’re looking for a gift that gives beauty and function, these Snow Goggles are an excellent choice. Available in two sizes and made from Caribou Antler, the craftsmanship of these goggles makes them a piece of winter apparel as well as a piece of art that is unique to Inuit culture. 

If your gift receiver already has a variety of Northern items or is even a collector of Inuit art, this is a one-of-a-kind gift that is elegant and practical. 

The Spring 2020 issue of Inuit Art Quarterly (source: Facebook.com)

Inuit Art Quarterly Subscription – $33-$50

A magazine subscription to Inuit Art Quarterly is the perfect gift for both an art enthusiast and a casual art admirer. The magazine features Inuit art from across the territory, from world renowned artists as well as smaller creators emerging into the art scene. 

For art aficionados, you’re gifting them a catalogue where they can explore new artists and stay in-touch with the latest works of Inuit art from their favourites. Buying art pieces for someone can be difficult and expensive, but this subscription provides options for your art enthusiast to browse and choose for themselves. Win-win!

For a southerner interested in purchasing Inuit art or just a casual admirer, the Inuit Art Quarterly is unparalleled, covering the breadth and diversity of Inuit art for over 30 years. This subscription is truly a gift that keeps on giving. With a One Year or Two Year subscription, this gift won’t be left forgotten after the holidays pass. 

CD Cover from the Alianat Arts Festival 2015-2016

Alianait Concert CDs – $15-$20

When discussing holidays gifts from the North, we often think of physical art, handmade items, and winter wear. However, the Alianait Arts Festival is a fantastic display of Inuit and other circumpolar musical artists and their collection of live recordings from previous festivals is a great way to introduce a southerner to Inuit music, or maybe even relive memories of hearing a festival live in previous years.

With recordings dating back to 2010, you could be creating a Northern music-lover for life by sharing just a piece of what our artists have to offer. And as a digital download, its easy to send anywhere across the world.

Kamik Pattern Face Mask from Hinaani (Source: https://www.hinaani.ca/)

Kamik Pattern Face Mask from Hinaani – $10

It couldn’t possibly be a 2020 Holiday Gift Guide without a face mask. The pandemic continues to be a reality through the holiday season and so face masks continue to be a necessary part of life for many southerners. 

Available in two materials with different styles based on your preference, these masks and their beautifully Northern designs provide a touch of the North to any outfit – even when southerners consider themselves “bundled up for the cold”. This stylized mask is as beautiful as it is functional, making it an ideal stocking stuffer or small gift for anyone on your list.


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