Looks Good, Tastes Good, and It’s Good for You!

Ordering out doesn’t mean you can’t focus on eating healthy.

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to put financial stresses on restaurants, it can seem hard to balance the desire to support local business owners while also keeping your own health and diet in mind. But ordering out doesn’t mean you can’t focus on eating healthy.

Latte art from the Black Heart Café

Most of your local favourites have healthier options and now is a great opportunity to try them—and maybe even find a new favourite or two. Eating healthier doesn’t have to be a drastic change either. It can be as simple as exploring new options at your usual takeout spots. 

A great way to keep a meal healthy is to simply substitute some of your typical choices for healthier options. Swapping beef for chicken or asking for half the sauce in a shawarma wrap from Yummy Shawarma in Iqaluit keeps your meal healthier without sacrificing any of that authentic Lebanese flavour you crave. You can even do a mix of chicken and beef if you’re not ready to fully give up a beefy favourite. Packed with crisp veggies and wrapped in a pita, it tastes so good it’s easy to forget it’s good for you. Looking for another healthy substitution? Falafel is full of spice and flavour, making it a great side for any of their dishes.

Being aware of eating healthy when you’re eating out can be as simple as realizing which of your regular choices are already pretty healthy. Captain’s Galley in Rankin Inlet has mixed vegetables on the side of their crave-worthy specials, and the char is another healthy option. 

Big Racks’ Pita Shack in the Iqaluit Aquatic Centre is a staple for people looking to follow up their swim or workout with a healthy and energizing meal. It’s still open and serving up a variety of veggie-options that will keep you full and feeling good.

Lunches can be hearty and comforting without weighing on your health. Iqaluit’s Black Heart Cafe has satisfying soups-of-the-day that you can pair with a Turkey Club or Mediterranean Chicken Wrap to keep you energized and feeling good throughout the day. 

And of course, part of eating healthy is allowing yourself that occasional treat. Saxifrage Resto-Cafe in Cambridge Bay offers pastas, salads and sandwiches if you’re looking for a truly healthy option. But on those days you just need a steak and mushroom dinner, feel free to indulge. Treating yourself with a full, well-made meal from a local restaurant keeps you from craving a bag of chips after a day of good choices.

Local restaurants provide our communities with healthy options that are as diverse as they are filling. The best part about going out to support them regularly is it keeps your money in the community. Looking out for healthier options means it doesn’t have to come at the expense of your own health.


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