5 Reasons Using Local Accounting Services is Better for You and Your Business

Taxes and bookkeeping can be time-consuming and difficult. Here's why you should hire a local service.

Accounting and bookkeeping services are an important part of life every year – for your own personal taxes or regular bookkeeping for your own business. As the financial year ends and tax season begins, bringing your finances to a local service can have significant benefits over bringing it to a larger national service. Local businesses can provide more support, better services, and have the specific knowledge about accounting in Nunavut that helps you get the most out of your financial decisions.

Here are 5 great reasons to use local accounting service and how they provide better service for you and your business.

They know the specifics

Living in Nunavut or running a business in the north comes with special tax and financial benefits that are unique to Nunavummiut. While these would be uncommon for larger businesses who work in the south, local businesses know exactly what can be done for you and your business to make sure you are getting the most from your tax return.

Because local accountants work with many local clients, these businesses are experienced with all the details that are important for your business, and are even better than do-it-yourself financial programs that won’t know the specifics of your business or the details of living in the north.

They are better costed

One of the ways small businesses stay competitive and provide better service is by being better costed for the services they provide. Sometimes that can mean that their services are cheaper for basic advice or consulting. As well, because they know specific information about financial aspects in Nunavut, they can offer you services that are specific to the needs of your business rather than providing expensive and broad services that you may not get complete value from. That way you’re only paying for services you need.

They provide personal service

Small accounting and bookkeeping services go the extra mile to provide a wide variety of services like skills training or financial consulting. It’s cost effective to know that there are local businesses that provide these services. Because you are getting personal service, you can ask for customized service to cover exactly what you need and get it all in the same place. This is cost effective and convenient. Instead, of getting bumped around to different departments with large teams who aren’t familiar with you or your history.

They support the community

That last reason using local accounting and bookkeeping services is a better choice than the alternatives is that it supports your community, which has many extended benefits.  Especially if you have your own business in the community, using the services of other local businesses encourages a feedback loop when the businesses you support return the favour and support your business. This builds connections between businesses, which all share the common goal of providing for the community and one another.

If you don’t own a business of your own, you still see the benefits of supporting local businesses when you can. Local businesses create job opportunities for residents and often times local businesses provide training and education. Accounting and bookkeeping services help people understand their finances and are there for advice when people need to ask an expert.

Nunavut has several business which offer accounting, bookkeeping or financial services, and whether you use them for your personal or business finances, you are sure to see the immediate benefits that come from supporting a local business – they are personalized, cost-effective, convenient and you know you are supporting your community and Nunavummiut.


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