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ShopNu is all about spending your money at home, where it counts. Every dollar that stays in the North will go to your neighbours. It adds to the quality of all our lives. Big box stores keep all their money, never supporting a local sports team, a charity or a good cause that is sure to come up. Local businesses support all those causes and want only the best for their customers. So keep your bucks bouncing at home, here in the North.


ShopNU Gift Box

Price: $100.00

This carefully curated Shop NU Local Gift Box is filled with wonders from local Inuit-owned businesses across Nunavut. From a cookbook filled with simple and tasty country food recipes to sustainably sourced Indigenous soap made with traditional Inuit practices, and more, this gift box is perfect for any occasion.

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NIQILIURNIQ - A Cookbook from Igloolik 

Compiled by five women living in Igloolik, Nunavut, this collection of recipes brings together healthy traditional country foods-like seal, Arctic char, and caribou-with store-bought produce to create delicious meals that can be an alternative to pre-packaged foods. With details on food safety and storage, as well as information on how to build a healthy, nutritious diet, this book will help even novice cooks feel empowered to begin cooking from scratch at home. With tasty recipes from land and sea-from Arctic char pizza to caribou chili-this beautifully photographed cookbook provides wholesome, hearty meals that will become family favourites for years to come. For the cookbook and more local products, shop now.

Featured Business

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